Proposed Florida bill would allow electronic IDs and registration

You may no longer have to carry your driver's license around.

A proposed bill going through the Florida legislature would allow people to have electronic IDs and registration. 

The proposed statewide database would alleviate some difficulty that comes with losing or forgetting to carry your driver's license. It has bi-partisan support from Republican State Representative James Grant of Tampa and Democrat Matt Willhitte, who represents people form Wellington to West Palm.

Technology expert David Parizek says that "the security for any electronic equipment and information on a driver's license or insurance is more secure than a paper product that they're using now."

Overall, Parizek is for it, but there's still inherent concern. He says that "anytime you've got equipment and a budget, you're goin to have some problems getting everything secured. So, that's a risk."

However, of course with everything, there needs to be precautions put in the place. 

Having a digital driver's license could clear up several issues. For example, a lapse insurance could be corrected over the phone and right away. And if an officer comes across an Alzheimer's patient, they could run their thumbprint and find their family. 

13 other states are already doing this.