Prison guard charged with malicious battery, perjury

Another Florida prison guard has been booked behind bars.

The state Department of Corrections says Jestyn Allen is charged with malicious battery and perjury. He is accused of beating up inmate Carlton Hart at the Central Florida Reception Center.

“His jaw was broken in two places, his nose was broke and he had a fractured eye socket,” said Rep. Dianne Hart, D-Tampa.

Carlton Hart is the ex-brother in law of Dianne Hart. She’s been following the investigation closely.

“When the call came through – I was happy that it was finally coming to a close,” she said.

According to an arrest affidavit, what officer Allen said happened didn’t match up to an eye witness account. Another inmate told investigators the guard “clotheslined” Hart, taking him to the floor, then he punched him several times while he was down.

Hart needed surgery after and his jaw was wired shut for six weeks. In response to Allen’s arrest, Florida DOC Secretary Mark Inch wrote:

“The Florida Department of Corrections does not tolerate mistreatment of inmates under any circumstances. The results of this investigation serve as a testament to our commitment to accountability and the processes in place to identify, investigate, and arrest those who violate the law and our standards of professional conduct. The unacceptable actions of this individual are in no way a representation of the thousands of correctional officers who selflessly serve our state with respect and integrity daily.”