Print your favorite picture in foam at World of Beer

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Several World of Beer locations in Tampa have a new machine that lets you personalize her beer.

Steve Cassella tried it out, printing an image of himself, on his beer foam. 

“I think it’s really cool. I couldn’t believe how good the picture looked on top of the beer,” he said.

It is thanks to World of Beer's new Ripples machine.  

You've probably seen one like it used for coffee. Now it's being used for brews.

World of Beer says it's the only bar-chain in town that's got one.

“I think a lot of people love to personalize everything they have and the fact that you can put whatever you want on your beer. It's very Instagrammable,” said World of Beer’s Emily Barth.

“The ink is a malt extract and you can’t taste it on the beer at all,” she noted.

It can print out just about any image, logo, or phrase. You just upload it to the Ripples app and the machine does all the work.

“You can actually print out ‘Can I buy you a drink,’ so people have printed on their drink and passed it across the bar and had the bartender deliver it…and it works!” Barth said.

“It is something cool to add to the beer usually you're just drinking your beer now it’s got a little message in it,” said Zachary Jennison, a WOB regular.

World of Beer says printing images is free.  It works on any beer, but holds the image longest on nitro beers like Guinness.