President Trump owns vacant lot in Sebring

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President Trump owns properties all over the world.  But did you know that he has owned a plot of land in Highlands County for more than a decade?

At the end of quiet Andalusia Street, there's a wooded area filled with small, vacant plots of land. One of them belongs to President Donald J. Trump. He wasn't president when he bought it in 2005. But to this day, it's still a mystery what drew him to Sebring.

"No, I had no idea," said Cody Galvin, who lives nearby. "It's kind of a small world." 

Sure enough, a search for the name "Donald J. Trump" on the Highlands County Property Appraiser website reveals 2265 Aragon Street in Sebring. The owner's mailing address is listed as Trump Tower in New York City.

"If he's a neighbor, he's welcome to the neighborhood," said Gina Belluz.

To reach the property on Aragon Street, you'll need some boots. It's very secluded and woodsy. The road isn't paved. In fact, parts of it look more like a stream after summer rain showers.

But why would Trump be drawn to Sebring?

"That's the big question. That's the million-dollar question we don't know," said Highlands County Property Appraiser Raymond McIntyre.

According to McIntyre, the property is part of Orange Blossom Estates, developed in the 1960s. Trump picked up the plot in 2005 through a quit claim deed. The sale price is listed at $1.

"As far as we can tell, the taxes have been paid on it since 2005 and they're current now and the address is Trump Tower in New York City," McIntyre said. We have a value on that lot of $4,280 so it's not a valuable lot. It's just vacant land. It's wood, trees, palmettos, bushes. It's really nothing more than just a four-wheel drive trail that goes in front of the lot."

What could he possibly develop there? A small-scale White House? Perhaps Sebring's first Trump Hotel?

FOX 13 contacted the Trump organization and reached out to the property owner himself, on his social media platform of choice, Twitter.

"President @RealDonaldTrump, we learned you own a quarter-acre of property in Sebring, FL. Neighbors are curious - you have any plans for it?"

But so far, we've gotten no answers to neighbors' burning questions.

"I support him, I voted for him, he's more than welcome in the neighborhood," Belluz said.

As far as Belluz is concerned, he can stop by anytime to "Make [Sebring] great again."