Pregnant woman attacked by dirt bikers at Edgewood intersection

A pregnant woman was attacked by several dirt bikers while passing through an Orange County intersection.

A swarm of ATVs and dirt bikes are seen passing through an Edgewood intersection when the incident happened. A silver car was turning when a dirt bike came up on its left side. The biker hits the vehicle multiple times before ending up on the car's hood.

The pregnant woman driving the vehicle told officers that a female biker hit her in the back of the head with a helmet. Then, several others started punching and kicking her. Her boyfriend got out of the vehicle to help her. Edgewood Police confirmed that several bikes stopped by her vehicle.

Investigators said that this went on until the victim and suspects could hear police sirens. At this point, the bikers took off.

Police are still trying to identify the suspects. Records show that the dirt bikes who caused the crash left DNA behind.