Postal worker saves customer's packages after mail truck catches on fire

(Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department)

This person is a holiday hero!

A Kansas mailman likely saved Christmas for many families after his truck caught fire and he sprang into action to make sure none of the packages got burned.

The Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department posted photos on Sunday of the incident that happened along a rural road. 

(Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department / Facebook)

The photos show the entire front end of the mail truck had caught fire. The driver, who most likely was not able to put out the flames, quickly laid all of the packages along the side of the road away from the blaze.

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Firefighters arrived and put out the flames. While the truck was destroyed, the packages were not.

"Your Prime delivery may have just lost its Prime. The good news is, the driver saved Christmas!" the department wrote.

"He is the true Santa 🎅 this year!" wrote Facebook user Michael McLine. "Awesome job!" 

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