Orange County deputies give out $50 gift cards instead of tickets during traffic stops

Tis the season --  to let some drivers off the hook.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is spreading holiday cheer with their Secret Santa mission.

In two videos posted to Twitter, deputies are seen stopping unsuspecting drivers who think they may be handed a ticket right before Christmas. Instead, they are surprised with a $50 gift card!

"The reason why I stopped you, I don't know if you realized it, but your brake lights are completely out," Sgt. Tatum says in one video.

But this driver didn't take off angry.

"Maybe to get something for your girls, the Sheriff's Office has a bunch of gift cards we're giving out. Would you like a $50 gift card to Walmart?" Tatum asks the driver who is more than willing to accept the offer. "Hopefully it helps the girls have a little bit better Christmas and helps you out with those brake lights." 

The videos have put viewers in the holiday spirit too.

"That’s totally cool," wrote Buffy Transue. "I truly respect y’all for doing that! Bless you & stay safe! Merry Christmas." 

In another video, deputies stop a family going into Wendy's and hand them gift cards to a local retail store.

"Happy Holidays from OCSO to you and yours!"