Possible sinkhole emerging under Deltona home

Volusia County officials deemed a home on Wild Horse Run in unincorporated Deltona uninhabitable Wednesday morning, after the homeowners reported waking up to sounds of the foundation cracking.

Someone inside the home called  911 around 5:30 a.m. and told the dispatcher the house was sinking.  The caller said the people inside were evacuating through a window.  According to authorities, the homeowners told firefighters they were afraid to leave through the door due to the location of the damage.

Inspectors’ photos from inside the home show the kitchen floor four inches below where it should be, cracks running across the pool deck, and stress fractures in exterior walls.

Initial inspections suggest water running down the pool deck towards the house appears to have washed away the foundation.

”Because of some storm water that might have gone through some drainage features on the pool deck or they could actually be a sink hole underneath.  We’re just not sure,” said Volusia County Pollution Control Manager Tom Carey. 

Carey said the next step is for the homeowners and their insurance company to bring in a structural engineer to further investigate and determine whether or not the house is repairable.