Porch pirates wreak havoc in Orlando before Christmas

Roosevelt Butler thinks the crooks that targeted his home and neighborhood had experience stealing from people's doorsteps. Something he says has never happened to his family.

"After studying this video what I noticed he did, he came up and saw the package that was placed right behind this stuff," Butler said. "Once he noticed it was there, you're going to see him shortly, dart up, he gets it, he takes off."

Shortly after the thief takes off, he opens the box and leaves it on the ground. What was inside the box: shoes for Butler's daughter.

A Grinch may have taken the package but someone else stepped in to spread some holiday cheer.  A neighbor down the street heard about the story and gave Butler's daughter some money towards purchasing a new pair of shoes.

"Someone did notice this and wanted to give and she wanted to bless my daughter because it was Christmas time," Butler said.

Orange County Sheriff's Office wasn't available to give an update on this case but did have three options for people to try to not get their packages in the wrong hands.

Request deliveries require a signature, have a security camera, or send packages to a secure delivery location.

As for Roosevelt, he has a warning for thieves.

"I want to let this young man know and everyone else that has these plans be careful because these types of things will come to an end. They can end one of two ways; you can get caught and go to jail or someone will stand their ground."