Police: Woman steals EMT's wallet after her boyfriend is struck and killed

A woman has been arrested and charged after Harrison Twp. Police say she stole an EMT’s wallet from an ambulance after her boyfriend was struck and killed.

The incident occurred on Sunday at 1:43 p.m. on Mullica Hill Road.

According to a press release, an EMT with Gloucester County Emergency Medical Services reported that he wallet was missing from inside her purse.

The purse was in the center console of the ambulance she was working in that day and contained credit and debit cards, a New Jersey driver’s license, and $120.00 in cash.

The victim reported that while she was on the scene of a crash where a pedestrian was struck and killed, 25-year-old Brittany Carulli, the girlfriend of the deceased, was allowed to sit in the ambulance to grieve and stay out of the inclement weather.

The victim further stated that no one else had access to the ambulance prior to or after the wallet went missing.

On Monday, detectives with the Pitman Police Department interviewed Carulli in which she admitted to taking the wallet from the ambulance.

She was then arrested and charged with theft on a summons and released pending a municipal court hearing.

The victim’s property was given back to her with the exception of the $120.00.