Police: Thief captured stealing, riding little girl's bicycle during burglary spree

In home surveillance video, an alleged thief appears to know exactly what he wanted: a pink girls bicycle with white tires.

"I thought it was crazy," said Homeowner Mikey Stoner, a Staff Sargeant based at Patrick Air Force Base. "A 35 or 40 year old man steals a little girls bike just to get around."

Stoner says the thief hit his street overnight on Thursday, and his doorbell camera captured clear images of him stealing the bike. But police say this isn't the only thing this thief stole -- they say he was hitting homes up and down this street.

"He's walking through our neighborhood with a backpack, basically shopping... out of unlocked vehicles," said Stoner.

At first, the thief holds up a towel to cover his face, but then drops it--- possibly because he thinks there's no surveillance camera. But there was a camera on the doorbell.

The West Melbourne father says the thief dumped the bike at the entrance to their subdivision. But he still made a point to turn in this video to police--

"She's getting too big for the bike anyways," said Stoner. "But I wanted to give them evidence to catch him because i'm tired of him stealing stuff from my neighbors and me."