Police search for Orlando ATM armed robber

The hunt is on for a gunman who ambushed a man at an ATM in Orlando Wednesday.

The 59-year old victim says he let his guard down for a second and that's when he was attacked.

The victim who is a veteran is speaking out in hopes to warn others how dangerous it is day or night to get money out of an ATM. 

Officials say the incident happened just after 5:00 a.m. when Earl Johnson came to the ATM at the TD Bank on South Kirkman Road.

Officials say that's when a man came up behind him while he was in his car after his transaction. 

In surveillance video given to FOX 35 you can see part of the suspect's head. 

Police say the suspect is wearing a black hoodie and was pointing a silver small handgun to Johnson’s face.

Investigators say the armed robber got away. 

Police say they need the public’s help tracking the suspect down.