Police say a woman killed by toddler while on Zoom was a preventable tragedy

Authorities are continuing their investigation into a young mother killed while on a Zoom call. 

Police said Shamaya Lynn, 21, was shot and killed by her toddler after he got ahold of a loaded gun. 

"I was really shocked," said Romaine Gayle. "It happened right here in Orlando. Right around the corner."

Romaine Gayle heard about Lynn’s death on the news Friday morning. With a young daughter at home, he decided to come to Altamonte Springs PD to get a gun lock for himself.

"Just in case my two-year-old tries to pick up my weapon when it is at home by the bed or anything," said Gayle. 

Police said the gun that was used to shoot and kill Lynn was owned by her boyfriend. The gun wasn’t properly secured which helped it fall into the hands of the toddler.

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"It doesn’t take that much to actually pull the trigger on a handgun," said MPO Rob Ruiz of Altomonte Springs Police. 

Officer Ruiz said it can take as little as five pounds of force to fire a handgun. He says to have your guns locked in a safe and make sure the keys are hidden. If you don’t have a safe use a gun lock. 

Most importantly police say to talk with your kids.

"These are not guns that you see in video games. This is not a Nerf gun. You can harm somebody," said Ruiz who has two young children of his own. "Knowing that if they ever come across it I feel confident that they would do the right thing and not touch it."

You can get a gun lock for free at the Altamonte Springs Police department.

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