Police: Robber targeted man in wheelchair at ATM

Orange County Deputies have arrested a man accused of snatching hundreds of dollars from an elderly man at an ATM.

“I feel like he saw somebody that was older and was in a wheel chair,” said Nick Cupo. “I got the money out, had it in my left hand was putting it in my pocket and he reached over my shoulder and grabbed it, and grabbed my hand and was twisting and pulling.”

Cupo, 71, says he was in his wheelchair withdrawing money from a drive-up Bank of America ATM on Orange Blossom Trail, when suddenly he felt someone squeezing his hand so hard that he lost his grip of the cash in his hand.

“He didn't say anything, didn't threaten me, just grabbed the money and took off,” Cupo said.

Cupo called 911, and soon after, Orange County deputies tracked down the suspect, 55-year-old Luis Viera charging him with robbery.

“I wasn't afraid I wasn't scared I was just mad,” Cupo said.

Cupo who lives on a fixed income and uses a wheelchair for his Osteoarthritis says the whole incident makes him re-think using the ATM  outside

“From now on... I’m going to make sure I go to a shopping center that has a Bank of America, where I can go inside and use their ATM,” Cupo said.