Police ramp up patrols in Leesburg after shootings

Imagine being shot in the arm, or having bullets whiz right by you.  It is happening in Leesburg, and police are so concerned, there is a plan in action right now to try and stop it.

According to authorities, the most recent shooting happened Wednesday morning, just after midnight, along Beecher Street.  A police report states that the homeowner's son said he heard three shots soon after he got home from work.   In the report, the son said he found the home's glass door shattered, and a bullet in the front door.  No one was hurt in that incident.

Just days earlier, one man was shot twice on Sunday night on Stinson Street in Leesburg say police.  Bullets went flying just a few feet away from the home of Arthur Lee Nunn, a Leesburg area pastor.

“An ambulance over there," he gestured.  “That was crazy! ... I’m not used to violence like that.”

That violence rocked another part of town the very next day, less than 15 minutes away, outside Leesburg High School.  Police said bullets went flying toward teenagers well after school, around 5:15 Monday evening.  

Lt. Joe Iozzi, with the Leesburg Police Department,  said, “It’s apparent that one of the persons ran up behind the other, and initiated the gunfire at that time.  Shortly thereafter, they both fled in opposite directions.”

Leesburg Police are fed up with the violence. They’re making their presence known, stepping up patrols with a focus.

Lt. Iozzi said, “We’ve created a special detail this time to add more officers in specific areas that are prone to violent activity.”

Officers said they stopped a driver in the city soon after shots were fired at Leesburg High.  They seized his gun, which turned out to be legal.

Iozzi explained, “We’re taking it seriously and trying to figure out who was involved in these shootings and seek justice.”

“I think that’s great," Nunn said.

In the meantime, Pastor Nunn said at some point he wants to talk to people in the area about ways to curb violence in the city .

"The community needs to get together," he added.

The two men who were shot are expected to be okay.  Now, police need help from public in this investigation into these shootings, though they have not linked these incidents together.   If you have information on any of the shootings, call Leesburg Police or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).