Police: Nurse killed in multi-car crash

A dispute between a man and his girlfriend ended with the death of an innocent woman late Friday.

According to an arrest affidavit released on Monday by St. Cloud Police, Andric Barksdale, 33, allegedly confronted his girlfriend at her place of work in Orange County, becoming violent. The report indicates Barksdale followed the woman in his car, stopped at a red light, opened the woman's car door and punched her in the face.

The report continues, detailing that Barksdale intentionally rammed the woman's car on Old Canoe Creek Road in St. Cloud, ultimately causing a five-car chain reaction crash.  Yesenia Quiles-Reyes, 30, a registered nurse, was one of the drivers in a passing car killed in the collision.  Multiple others were sent to the hospital with injuries.

Barksdale was taken into custody and has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated battery. Barksdale told police that he thought his girlfriend was breaking into his house and steeling things. He told investigators that he saw her car and got beside her when the cars came into contact.

A Go Fund Me account for Quiles-Reyes has already exceeded its goal with more than $17,000 raised for her family. The investigation into the crash continues, as more charges may be filed.