Police investigate crime scene at daycare

Multiple officers with the Orlando Police Department are investigating a crime scene at Little Miracle's Academy Daycare in Orlando.  

A spokesman with OPD said a 911 call was received around 8:30 p.m., reporting a case of possible child neglect. When officers went to investigate, they discovered a very young boy in a parked van and unconscious.  That child later died.  

The Orlando Police Department held a press conference on Tuesday regarding the incident.

Chief John Mina says that the child, identified as Miles, was found dead on the floor of the vehicle at night. Police believe the child was there since 9 a.m., but that will not be confirmed until an autopsy is complete.

Mina also said that the daycare worker admitted to not doing a headcount of the kids being transported. In the state of Florida, physical sweeps must be done every time children are transported by day care employees. 

The press conference also revealed that Myles Hill would have turned 4 years old this month. 

Criminal charges will be placed against the daycare after the autopsy is complete. 

Mina went on to say that this incident is "your worst nightmare come true."

The facility, at 900 Plymouth Ave., near Gore Street, is presently closed for business.  When asked if anyone was in custody at the time of this report, Orlando Police Sgt. Eduardo Bernal responded, "Not at this time."

Not other details were immediately released.