Police: Disabled man's death 'suspicious'

Police in Daytona Beach received a call on Saturday afternoon from a woman who lived with Pernell Robinson on Taylor Avenue. 

According to the police report, she told a 911 dispatcher Robinson wasn't breathing and she couldn't find a pulse.
when paramedics showed up, Robinson was dead.

The woman told police it appeared Robinson was beaten up. She said he had a history of disappearing for a few days and then showing up.

She offered to call the police but he refused. The woman told police she put Robinson to bed and went to get him some dinner. When she came back she found him lying on the bathroom floor without a pulse and not breathing.
When paramedics and police showed up they say Robinson was dead.

Police are calling Robinson's death suspicious. Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri will hold a news conference on Friday. Police want to hear from anyone who saw or spoke with Robinson between July 12th and 14th.