Police: Confederate flag leads to road rage

A Confederate flag may have led to a case of road rage in Orlando.  The incident happened on July 7th on Hughey Avenue near Washington Street.

"Before I got to the red light, I saw something that grabbed my attention.  It was a white pick up truck with a big Confederate flag.  It drew my attention because it was 4 to 5 feet long," said Phillip Arroyo of Haines City.

According to Orlando Police, the people in the truck asked Arroyo what he was looking at.

Brothers Jonathon Kaley and Kenneth Kaley Sturtz of Minneola were in the truck.

According to police, Arroyo "told them they were racist because of the flag and that he didn't like it."  

According to the Kaley brothers, Arroyo cut them off in traffic, and was driving erratically as they got on to I-4.  After stopping abruptly on the interstate, police said the Kaley brothers got out of the truck and walked up to Arroyo's car.

"I approached him. I have a hot temper.  I said you're going to kill me?  Get out of your car.  That's when I was poking at his window. Never did I physically make contact with him," said Kenneth Kaley Sturtz.

Arroyo told police Jonathan Kaley punched him in the chest, and the officer noted he "observed a red mark to the left upperside of arroyo's chest."

Police said probable cause has been established to charged Jonathon Kaley with burglary of a conveyance and battery.

Jonathon Kaley told FOX35 he's not worried, "I know I did not put my hands on him physically."

His brother Kenneth said he will continue flying the Confederate flag on his truck.

"It's my heritage.  The way I was raised.  I'm not a racist by no means," Kaley Sturtz said