Police: Christmas crooks steal decorations at several homes

Surveillance video shows a person wrestling with Frosty the Snowman, pulling him out of the ground, tugging on the electrical cord and taking off. 

"He was a big, fat snowman! How can anybody run with it?" said the snowman’s owner, Yolanda Mendoza. 

Mendoza says she’s all about Christmas cheer and that the thief took off with her favorite decoration. 

"This is the first time it happened in this area at all," she said. 

Titusville police say at least seven homes along Sisson Road were hit early Saturday morning from about 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.

"It hits you in the heart a little bit," said Marc Bellanca. His holiday inflatable was also stolen. 

"We had a Santa Clause in a truck with a little Christmas tree and we had just bought it on Wednesday," Bellanca told FOX 35.  

Investigators say they believe three teens are responsible and they took close to $1,000 worth of decorations. 

"None of us recall an incident like this where someone went and spent several hours stealing higher value Christmas decorations from homes. It definitely stands out to us," said Titusville Police Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. 

Officers are keeping a close watch on the neighborhoods targeted as they continue to search for the Christmas crooks who could face felony charges. 

"People work hard for this stuff. They put it up for everyone to enjoy. If you took it, just bring it back. No problems," Bellanca said. 

Police are hoping someone will have information about the people involved in these crimes. 

Anyone with information is asked to give them a call.