Polar bear in Greenland seen ‘waving,’ photographs reveal

Why, hello there!

An adorable polar bear in Greenland was seen waving to a tourist.

Roshan Ranjwani was on a photography expedition in a boat along the east coast of Greenland when he saw the big beast perched on an iceberg and rolling around, reported South West News Service (SWNS), a British news agency.

"Watching the polar bear on top of an iceberg is a dream come true for a photography enthusiast!" Ranjwani told SWNS.

They were reportedly at a safe distance from the bear, so they didn't have any fear.

"I knew that I had got a series of good action shots at the time of clicking, but only realized that I had managed to capture a kind of a cool moment later when I looked back," said the photographer, who is from Dehli, India.

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