Photo of Chicago couple goes viral after they slip money into sleeping homeless man's bag

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A Chicago couple is touching hearts all around the country after a CTA Blue Line passenger caught the two slipping a sleeping homeless man some money before they got off the train, according to a report.

Courtney White and his wife, Tanya, were returning home from a funeral in Alabama when they both noticed the homeless man, the Chicago Tribune reports. Then, when it was time for the couple to get off at their stop, fellow CTA passenger Jack Stankovic witnessed the two putting money into the homeless man’s bag while he was sleeping.

The couple then walked off the train.

However, Stankovic was so touched by what he saw that he posted the photo he snapped of the gesture on social media and it immediately blew up. More than 60,000 people have shared the photo so far.

Stankovic posted the following message with the picture:

"Please share.

These 2 people must be put on blast. I am on the #blueline heading towards the city when I spot something rare and sometimes unheard of. There was a disabled homeless man in a wheelchair sleeping, this guy in the picture reached over and slipped some money into the homeless man's bag. No one else noticed but me. This wasn't spare change, and the homeless man wasn't bother or asking for anything from anyone. This couple got off at the #irvingpark station. Thank you sir for reestablishing my faith in humanity. You sir are a true gentleman. #cta #goodsamaritan #karma let's all share and thank this guy and his girl."

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