Paying it Forward: Couple looking to adopt gets surprise bundle of joy following FOX 35 report

The McKinneys met in 2001, got married a year-and-a-half later, and always knew they wanted a baby. 

"When you get married you figure, I'm a husband, she's a wife, out pops a baby.  But that wasn't the case," said Rodrick McKinney. 

It took the couple four years to conceive, but their daughter was born prematurely and died at just two days old. 

"It is completely devastating," said McKinney. 

After trying several more years to have another baby, they decided adoption was best for them. 

"We just love kids so we want our home to be filled with the sound of children," said McKinney. 

But adoption is not cheap. 

"For private adoption it runs close to $30,000."

The Kingdom Church of Orlando helped by surprising them with $1,000.  But that was just the beginning of what was to come.  We aired a story on the McKinneys and someone saw our report and reached out, offering to help.

"It was actually someone saying we know of someone who is almost due, and they want to give their child up for adoption!" Resealia McKinney said.

Their prayers were finally answered. One week after the story aired on FOX 35 News, the McKinneys brought their daughter home.

"I just thank god for blessing us with Raegan and for you all for covering the story, and for the Kingdom Church and that connection," said Roderick McKinney. "It is just a sense of joy that I have never felt before, other than in 2008, when my other daughter was born."

"Congratulations!" said Kingdom Church Pastor Daron Dixon. "Let them know that we look forward to when we get back to some sense of say congratulations personally."

"We may not have had Raegan Madison if we had not been on FOX 35, so we are very grateful," added Resealia McKinney. "Thank you all!"