Paying it Forward: Church helps cancer survivor who lost everything

She fought cancer and won but lost her job, home, and the car in the process. Now, others are helping her get back on her feet.

Nastasshi Lewis was moved to tears by the love and generosity of others. The Kingdom Church selected Natasshi to receive their "Pay It Forward blessing" after being nominated by Ramces Rouzard.

"She really fits the definition of someone who is a loving person," he said.

Nastasshi was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago. After falling ill, she lost everything. 

"The darkest day I can say was after I had cancer surgery," Lewis said. "My car got repossessed because I couldn't work and I couldn't walk.  My daughter went out there to the gentleman who was taking my car and she asked if she could get my things out.  and I lost it.  I lost it that day because I felt helpless.  That was a rough day."

She remained strong for her daughter, Londan, and for all the others who were also suffering.

"I would put my makeup on every day and go into the radiation center at Orlando Health, and I would be hugging and kissing on patients...go in there intentionally and make them smile," she explained.

Now it is her turn to smile.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Blessing you can do it on The Kingdom Church of Orlando's website.  If you have a "Paying it Forward" story that you would like for us to cover, message LuAnne Sorrell on Facebook, or email us at