Pass 'Go' and collect $25,000: Florida Lottery debuts 5 new Monopoly themed scratch-offs

The Florida Lottery has introduced the new MONOPOLY DOUBLER family of Scratch-Off games.

Five new MONOPOLY-themed scratch-offs are available for purchase beginning on Monday for a chance to win over $851 million in cash prizes.

Players can purchase a variety of tickets ranging from $1 to $20 with 36.6 million winning tickets available according to a press release by the Florida Lottery.

According to the Florida Lottery, players can also enter their non-winning MONOPOLY DOUBLER tickets into the MONOPOLY Doubler Bonus Play for an extra chance to win up to $25,000. 

Two drawings will be held, according to the Florida Lottery, the drawings will be held between July 20 and August 3 where two players can will $25,000 each, 20 players will win $5,000 each and 75 players will win $1,000 each.