Part of large tree falls onto Orlando homes during storms

Storms toppled part of a large tree in Downtown Orlando on Tuesday.

Crews cleared the scene just before 10 p.m. hours after the tree damaged two homes, rupturing a gas line and downing a power line.

It happened late afternoon on James Street. Orlando firefighters said some kind of weather event — either wind or lightning — took down a large branch. That branch then severed a gas line and power line to one of the homes.

No one was inside either home at the time.

"This guy was screaming and we saw the power line down and the tree was collapsed on this guy’s house," said neighbor Urie Richard.

Fire crews were able to secure the power in the homes and control the gas leak. They said a stairwell in one home is damaged, as well as a carport in another home.

Fire crews also said residents from one of the homes will be temporarily displaced.