Parking violations in Downtown Orlando could go up $5

The fine for having an expired parking meter, or parking over the line, could soon cost you more.   

The Orlando City council is now talking about a $5 fine increase for violators.   

Deputy Director of Transportation F.J. Flynn says it’s necessary.  

“With the loss of parking under I-4, there’s a loss of parking revenue in our parking division. This alone is about 70,000 tickets, and we collect on about 60,000 tickets, so the net revenue is about $300,000. The loss on I-4 is about $1.6 million,” Flynn said.

If approved next month by the council, a standard parking violation would go from $22 to $27.  

“So, what we’re trying to do is supplant some of that loss of revenue with additional revenue,” Flynn said.  

Along with losing parking under I-4, Flynn says fewer people are getting parking tickets these days.  

“We’ve instituted a smart meter as well, so it makes it a little easier for folks to stay current on their parking meter. So, this is a good time to roll this out,” Flynn said.

Parking fines and fees help fund downtown mobility projects, like the Lymmo busses.  

The city hasn’t raised parking fines in 15 years.  

Giovanni Rodriguez lives and parks downtown.  

He says it seems reasonable.  

“I used to live in South Beach, where the parking tickets are like $60,” Rodriguez said.

If city leaders vote in favor of the parking fine hike, the $5 increase would go into effect in May.