Parents, teachers union react to DeLand HS brawl caught on camera

Parents were alarmed to watch a video of a fight at DeLand High School that landed one student in the hospital and another at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice facing a felony charge. 

"When I watched it I was feeling really bad for the other person laying on the ground, that’s just horrific," said Jennifer Welch, whose daughter goes to the school.

The video shows a student walking up to another student and slamming him on the concrete. The boy, who was not identified by police, landed on his head and neck area. 

"As a mother, I was horrified. As a human, I was horrified. It’s just the intensity of the attack," said Elizabeth Albert, president of the Volusia United Educators (VUE).

Albert said VUE members have reported a significant problem with student behavior at Volusia County Schools. 

"Our members, our teachers, and support professionals have shared overwhelmingly with us throughout the course of this year that they have seen an increase in the intensity of student behaviors," she said.

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The district sent FOX 35 News the following statement:

"Volusia County Schools’ top priority has always been and continues to be the safety and security of our students. Trained guardians or SROs are assigned to each school, and there are additional efforts in place to add another guardian at each of our ten high schools. All schools have the Centegix Security System, a security alert badge worn by all school-based staff. 

The incident this week at DeLand High School involved 7 students. The staff at DeLand High School quickly intervened and deescalated the situation. The school district is reviewing the incident and will apply the appropriate disciplinary action according to the Student Code of Conduct." 

Meanwhile, some parents said the video is so alarming, they’re considering other learning options for their students. 

"All these thoughts are going through my head, I’m thinking, do I need to sign my daughter up for virtual school is she going to be OK to continue going here," said Welch. 

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