Palm Coast High School students threatened teacher, officials say

The Flagler County School District is investigating an incident this week where 2 high school students allegedly threatened a teacher online

According to a school representative, the incident Monday sparked an investigation by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at Flagler Palm Coast High. The district said 2 students were discovered threatening a staff member through an electronic messenger.

At this point, the district said criminal charges have been declined, but the students are on administrative leave while the situation is investigated and disciplinary procedures are decided on.
Representative Jason Wheeler said the students will also have to undergo mental health evaluations.

“Back when you were growing up or you were in school it was like, 'eh, just kids being kids,'” said Wheeler, “we can't make that assumption any longer. We've seen too many instances where it may just be talk but they move that on to something else."

In a robo-call to parents Monday evening, school principal Bob Wallace urged parents to monitor their students’ online activity.

Earlier this year, the district also hired a firm to monitor social media for potential threats.

Wheeler said the district could not go any further into the content of the threat as the investigation is on-going. He said the teacher who was targeted has been offered additional support.