Owner of motorcade protection service arrested for impersonating a police officer

An Orlando man accused of impersonating a police officer while escorting funerals and other events will go before a judge Thursday.

Video released on Wednesday shows similar incidents happening in counties all over Central Florida.

The man's company, called Metro State Services, is an elite motorcade protection detail. Police say they are often hired as funeral escorts throughout Central Florida. They said that the owner, Jeremy Dewitte, is impersonating a police officer. Windermere Police Chief David Ogden says he has been breaking the law during the details. Video was released Wednesday of the arrest.

Back in September, Winter Park Police said that during a funeral procession, Dewitte was using his lights and sirens, going about 70 to 80 miles per hour on Park Avenue. He even crossed the yellow line, putting other drivers at risk. When they pulled him over, they discovered handcuffs, a gun, badge, pepper-spray, and a bulletproof vest. When they seized his helmet cam, they discovered video where he was allegedly doing the same thing in Orange, Osceola and Volusia Counties.

In the video seized by police, you can see Dewitte blocking I-95 in Volusia County. During the video, he says "we just shut down (profanity) 90 mother (profanity) 5."

During another stop, an Osceola County driver doesn’t buy any of it when he's stopped by Dewitte.

Dewitte: What are you doing?

Driver: What are you doing?

Dewitte: What the (profanity) does it look like I’m doing dumb (profanity), get the (profanity) over, before you find out.

Driver: Stop pretending you're a police officer.

Windermere Police Chief David Ogden says that "it is absolutely clear that they are trying to impersonate police officers."

Chief Ogden says that funeral escorts aren’t allowed to break the law.

"None of those provisions allow them to use a siren, none of those provisions allow them to do traffic stops," he said.

Dewitte was arrested Wednesday in Orange County for a similar incident. According to court records, during a funeral procession, Dewitte slapped the front fender and the hood of a vehicle, then put his hand on his gun holster in a threating manner. He told the driver "you cannot drive in and out of my funeral.”

The driver turned out to be an off-duty deputy.

Chief Ogden says Dewitte would often stand down if he knew law enforcement was present.

"Telling their officers, if other officers are present, not to use their sirens, not to use certain things. Cause they understand and they know that violates the law. I have viewed the videos, the videos, in my opinion, are completely reckless," he said.

He is concerned there are other victims out there.

"If anyone in the public has been a victim to any of these things, I suggest you immediately contact the jurisdiction where this happened," Chief Ogden said.

And investigators say Dewitte is also a convicted sex offender.

FOX 35 reached out to Metro State Services for comment but have not received a response.