Owner of distressed calf found near trash cans in Florida county located

The search for the owner of the little calf began after an animal enforcement supervisor found the animal trying to stay warm next to some trash cans in the city of Groveland on Thursday. The Lake County Sheriff's Office said that the calf appeared to be less than a week old.

"It was found near Catherine Circle in Groveland,' the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "The calf was put inside the AEO truck, covered up and provided heat while she checked with a few local cattle owners in the area." 

Thankfully, after being transferred to the Lake County Florida Animal Shelter, the owners were located.

"The owner has been located and is in the process of picking the calf up," the Sheriff's Office updated their Facebook post with. "It should be noted that veterinarians informed us that the calf was in distress and would likely have died within hours if it wasn't for AEO Pelfrey. At this point the calf has a chance."

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