Overlooked shelter dog finally adopted after spending nearly a year in Seminole County kennel

Day by day, a lovable pup was passed over for adoption at a Seminole County animal shelter. But days before Sophie marked a full year at the shelter, the 7-year-old dog finally found her forever home. 

On Thursday, the shelter posted a heartbreaking time-lapse video to social media, showing Sophie inside her kennel, and consistently being overlooked by families looking for younger dogs. 
The video was shared on Facebook hundreds of times, reaching thousands of people. 

"It kind of gave the point of view of the dog. You got to see what she sees every day. People coming and going, walking by her cage. Sometimes not even stopping to say hi," 
Bree Burkett, Seminole County adoption coordinator, said. 

Once Seminole County Animal Services shared that time-lapse video of Sophie, she was adopted within 24 hours. 

The shelter posted a photo online of her with her new dad. 

Sophie isn't the only animal whose had to live within the shelter long-term.

Shelter officials are hopeful people will continue to step up and give the furry friends a home.