Over 1 million COVID-19 vaccines administered in Florida but officials believe many more have received it

Over one million Floridians have received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

According to the state, almost 916,000 of those have received their first dose with almost 92,000 receiving their second.

Even as the state passes this milestone, the actual number of people vaccinated may be even higher than what is being reported. Central Florida Emergency Officials say they are behind in reporting their data and that number is likely much higher.

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"One million people have been inputted into Florida shots, the software system, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t received the vaccine," Seminole County Emergency Management Director Alan Harris told FOX 35. He believes the number of people who have gotten the vaccine is much higher than what the state is reporting.

Harris explained that many counties are behind in logging the patients who have received the vaccine into the state's database.

"We’ve done a lot more vaccines than we’ve been able to keep up with the paperwork," he said.

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The state has reportedly assured Harris that it is okay they are behind in the paperwork and that it will not stop them from getting more vaccines.

Harris also said that Florida is launching a new software system this week that will allow them to report the numbers faster.

The CDC has already distributed two million vaccines to Florida.

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