OSHA investigating after father electrocuted, son hurt while tree trimming

Crews from Florida Power & Light (FPL) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were out for several hours to investigate. Neighbors say they are still in disbelief about what happened.

A rainbow soared over the home in Melbourne Beach where a tree trimming job turned deadly.  FPL continues to work into the night on the electric line where the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office says a tree trimmer was electrocuted and died. 

Neighbor Erin Fisher talked to the man shortly before it happened. 

"He came over and was super nice to him just asked me to move my car.  I just moved my car and went about my day, and then shortly after that, not too much longer I don’t think, is when I heard the sirens," said Fisher.

Brevard County sheriff’s deputies say the man was in the bucket of a lift, trimming a tree behind his home when he accidentally hit an electric line. He was pronounced dead at the scene. They say his teenage son was also hurt while trying to help his father. He is at the hospital in stable condition. 

FPL turned off power to 17 homes and businesses to avoid anyone else getting hurt. Some neighbors said they lost power for a half-hour but didn’t know what happened. Those who did know are still trying to wrap their head around it.

"Those are things that are out of your control or you just can’t avoid so you just hug your family a little tighter and be thankful for each day that we have."

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