Osceola County warns of 'stranger danger'

There’s a crime alert in Osceola County after two separate stranger danger incidents happened in one less than one week. Now deputies are stepping up patrols.

Deputies have released a sketching of the man who one 16-year-old snapped a photo of after deputies say he tried to grab the teen walking home from school. They’ve also released a sketch of the woman who deputies say tried to lure two young boys with candy near a bike rack. Both happened near schools this week in Osceola County.

“It definitely keeps you on your toes. you want to make sure your kids get to and from school safely,” said parent Ben McCalley.

“I'm scared for my daughter, for her safety and for her friends' safety,” said parent Ingrit Martinez.

That parental fear and student safety drove Osceola deputies to ramp up patrols near schools.

“Our children are our number one priority so this is the top concern right now so we are putting a lot of resources into that,” said Captain Jacob Ruiz from Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are praising the three boys involved in both incidents.

“In each situation, the children acted in a way where they possibly knew there was danger.”

Parents are relieved to hear deputies are upping patrols and making their own plans to protect their children.

“They know if it's not from me, they know what the code word is,” said McCalley.

“Letting her know that she needs to be cautious, that there are people out there that have vicious minds,” said Martinez.

Deputies are still looking for suspects in both cases. If you know who they are, call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.