Osceola County Schools to use RosenCare for employee health center

Rosen Hotels and Resorts founder Harris Rosen is sharing his employee onsite healthcare program with the public sector. 

Osceola County Public Schools will be the first public entity to offer an employee health center, operated by RosenCare.

"Healthcare continues to rise, it's a struggle for employers both public and private and doing something different is the only way to change that trend," said Rick Hensley, Director of Risk and Benefits with Osceola County Schools.

The clinic, which offers free basic medical services and generic medications, has been operated by AdventHealth for several years, but the school district has decided to move forward with Rosen's medical group.

"At this point in time, we're re-tooling, going into a more robust direction with hopefully better outcomes than what the school district has seen in the last three years," said Hensley.

It's a change the district says will save upwards of $10 million per year.

"Every dollar we spend on healthcare is money that doesn't go into the classroom," said Hensley.

The change also expected to save district employees money as well. In partnership with RosenCare, the district says it will be able to expand services to include mammography, optometry and dental care. More services means more waived out of pocket expenses for teachers and supporting staff.

"The more we can do to take that burden off of them and give them options they can afford, and has quality, then we see that as a great benefit," said Hensley.

RosenCare begins offering services here on October 1.