Osceola County deputy accused of road rage

The Osceola Sheriff says he suspended one of his deputies, after a road rage incident in Apopka.

"I do not stand behind a deputy who acts like this and that's why we immediately suspended him without pay," said Osceola Sheriff Russ Gibson.

Sheriff Gibson is talking about Deputy Christopher Blow. Apopka police officer said, back in June, Blow followed another driver who passed him for going too slow. The deputy was off duty at the time. They say Blow followed the man into a parking lot in front of Froggers Bar and Grill, where the victim told officers, he feared for his life because Blow came out with his gun, his finger on the trigger and threatened to beat him up.

"Deputy Blow was not acting on behalf of the Osceola County Sheriff's office. He was in Apopka, he was not in uniform. We were able to determine the firearm that he has was not his duty weapon, it was his own personal firearm."

Police say Blow told investigators he felt threatened for his safety because there were several people outside calling him names and that's why he took out his gun, but never pointed it at anyone. The victim told police, he was heading to work at Froggers and called his manager to come outside when he realized he was being followed.

Police say Blow failed to stay on scene after they were called.  Sheriff Gibson says, that's not how a law enforcement officer should behave.

Sheriff Gibson plans to meet with his staff to review policies, after he says,  two other Osceola deputies got in trouble for alleged domestic violence and now this.

"Three deputies in a matter of weeks as you said is certainly alarming."

Sheriff Gibson says, Deputy Blow was a school resource officer at Bellalago Academy and has been with the sheriff's office for the last eight years.He says he's even been recognized for outstanding service in the past, If the State Attorney decides if charges will be filed, the Sheriff says he'll be conducting his own internal investigation.

"He's a human being, he made a huge miscalculation a big mistake and he's going to be held accountable for that."