Orlando weather: Tuesday will bring slightly cooler temperatures behind front

Seasonally warm highs near 90° today through Wednesday will kick off the last week of school here in Central Florida and set the stage for a hot end of this workweek with the mid-90s ahead.

That said, a weak front will keep our Atlantic coastal areas pleasant and could kick off a late-day downpour or brief storm as the cooler air off the water interacts with the sun-baked air over land. Tuesday's highs will be in the mid-80s across much of the region with low humidity.

A "subtropical" depression or storm may attempt to spin up over Haiti, then track northeast into the Atlantic Ocean later this week, but chances are low it actually even gets officially referred to as "sub" tropical. We'll see.

Looking ahead to our Memorial Day weekend, expect the mid-90s for highs with scattered storms each afternoon. 

The hot weekend will be a "typical" Florida weekend with a pop-up thunderstorm chance. 

That'll represent a warmer-than-normal pattern, which will continue through at least early June.