Orlando Weather: Widespread storms expected across Central Florida on Tuesday

FOX 35 Weather Impact Day: The FOX 35 Storm Team has declared Tuesday a Weather Impact Day due to the possibility of widespread storms expected to develop late afternoon and continue into Wednesday morning.

From Monday evening into Tuesday, patchy fog will develop inland and stubborn, dense fog continues near Daytona Beach up to Palm Coast. Temperatures will fall into the low to mid-60s. Some showers arrive during the morning in areas west of Orlando on Tuesday and may make it into the central part of the state before lunch, but most probably fall apart. 

A few showers are possible in the afternoon before a significantly higher chance for showers and storms arrives starting Tuesday evening and lasting through the overnight. 

Storms will likely fire up on the radars between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and could be substantial or severe. Torrential downpours, vivid lightning, gusty winds, and hail will all occur from whatever storms develop. Not everyone will see showers, but many will.

Tuesday into Wednesday are now FOX 35 Weather Impact Days for the impacts of showers, locally heavy rains, and a few strong-severe storms. Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning is when the impactful weather will arrive.

Early Wednesday morning, between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m., we will have to watch the radars for a low and conditional risk for a few "supercell" thunderstorms. Those are the ones that are isolated in nature and not along a line or in a cluster. 

A lot of wind energy will pass over Florida on Wednesday morning – so if any storms fire, a brief, weak tornado or two could occur somewhere. Currently, models do not agree on how many storms will fire in this window and where, but we will see how this looks tomorrow (for Wednesday morning) with newer data.

BEACH FORECAST: Surf 2–4 feet at high tide in mid-afternoon. Moderate rip current risk.

THEME PARK FORECAST: Bring rain gear if going to the parks Tuesday afternoon, evening, or night, as well as Wednesday morning. Otherwise, it will dry and warm up from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday this week.

THURSDAY INTO THE WEEKEND: Mostly sunny Thursday through Friday with highs in the 80s. Hot weather arrives on Saturday, with highs in the upper 80s in inland areas. Record-challenging warmth is expected. The record in Orlando is 89 degrees, set in 1905. We could come close to that record in Orlando. Beach locations will probably be several degrees lower. 

The weather looks suitable for the Arnold Palmer Invitational until Sunday. It turns breezy with clouds, and some showers arrive on Sunday afternoon and/or evening. The specific timing of this may change as we near but a cold front with winds, showers, and clouds will come across central Florida at some point Sunday. At this point, it is likely the second half of the day. Then turning sharply cooler for next week.