Orlando to vote on new metal detectors for Camping World Stadium

Security at Camping World Stadium could soon be changing, as the City of Orlando will vote on Monday regarding whether 90 new metal detectors should be purchased for the venue.

Both the venue director and its guests agree that this is a good idea given that at full capacity, Camping World Stadium can hold more than 65,000 people. The new metal detectors would allow for a more efficient way for security to screen guests before entering.

The city will spend $317,000 from their enterprise funds to buy the metal detectors. This money comes from ticket sales instead of taxpayers dollars. Previously, when the city wanted metal detectors, they had to rent them. By purchasing them, city leaders say that about $76,000 a year will be saved in staffing. 

If the city votes to approve the purchase, the new metal detectors will be delivered in the next couple of months.