Orlando student creates free tutoring program as kids tackle virtual learning

An Orange County student saw the need for tutors as the majority of students will be learning virtually so she launched a tutoring program now helping more than 400 students. 

A tutoring program, Learn With Us, pairs students with high school and college-level tutors to help them through virtual learning. Lake Highland Prep Senior Mimi Sawhney created the tutoring program during lockdown in April. It now has about 100 tutors helping 400 students. 

"When you’re working online, you don’t have as much access to your teacher, and the resources that your school gives you," said Sawhney. "I saw a rift in our education as we went online and I know this was a problem for many students." 

Most Orange County students will be learning virtually this year. 

"I know that not a lot of people, especially going online, have access to resources like this," said Sawhney. Parents can sign their children up for the program and would be paired with a tutor who would work with them virtually. 

All tutors are volunteers making the program free for students. 

"We know that not all parents can afford to go out and get a tutor to work their students on a weekly basis," said Sawhney. "We don’t want anyone to pay for our service because we know people are struggling during this time and need just a little bit of extra help."