Orlando sees significant drop in violent crime in 2024: report

According to Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith, violent crime in the city has decreased this year. 

A recent report comparing the first quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year reveals significant reductions: shootings are down 40%, armed robberies have decreased by 30%, homicides are down 15%, and burglaries have also decreased by 15%.

Chief Smith attributes these positive results to the department's strategic approach.

"I get stats every week because that’s how we determine how we fight crime. We move resources around to reduce crime," he said. 

The proactive efforts of patrol units and drug units, along with a high homicide solve rate of 92%, have been crucial in these successes.

Chief Smith emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety. He encourages residents to join neighborhood watch programs and report any suspicious activity. Additionally, he advises securing firearms to prevent them from being stolen and used in crimes.

"Most guns on the street come from burglaries from the home or car. They’re not guys walking into a gun store and buying them; they’re stolen and then repurposed and used on the street to do crimes," Smith said.