Orlando Magic surprises local family with Christmas gifts

As part of NBA Cares Season of Giving, the Orlando Magic surprised a local family with dozens of Christmas gifts.

Shawntia Benton and her two children, Daimonee and Nicholas, were approved to move into a new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity earlier this year. 

Before that, the family shared a one-bedroom subsidized apartment. 

The Orlando Magic gifted the family tickets to Sunday night’s game as a courtesy, but Benton said she never expected to be showered with gifts. 

“It meant a lot. I’m not used to being showered with gifts at all. I don’t have family here,” she said. “He’s (Daimonee) is going to be so excited for the Christmas gifts because, like I said, I only got him two gifts."

Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins said they pick a family in need to give gifts to every year. 

“At this time of year, everyone should be able to celebrate the holidays and there’s many people in our community that don’t have that opportunity,” he said.