Orlando hotel owner discounting rooms as Hurricane Ian evacuees head to Central Florida

A Central Florida hotel owner is trying to show that he cares for those evacuating coastal areas that may be impacted by Hurricane Ian, by discounting rooms as more people head to Orlando for safety.

"We’re from Destin and going to Orlando," explained Saddy Andrae who traveled to Central Florida from Destin. "We’re really worried. We were thinking about coming here because of the storm." 

Evacuees come packed and prepared with water and their most precious belongings. "Wife, mother-in-law, nephews, son, and daughter," Julio Ivanez said. They’re trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Ian before it’s too late.

Saddy Andrae traveled to Central Florida from Destin to flee Hurricane Ian.

As people evacuate to Orlando for safety, a local hotel owner is reducing his room rates. 

"We have guests saying, instead of leaving, we’re gonna stay because we believe we’re gonna be safe here," said Harris Rosen with Rosen Hotels and Resorts. He discounted room rates ranging from $69 to $119 at seven of his properties. "I do think Orlando will be perceived as a safe haven for Floridians." 

Harris Rosen, of Rosen Hotels and Resorts.

He said he has been doing this for the last 48 years during hurricanes. "That is not a time to take advantage of people."

Many hotels are lifting their no-cancellation policy, so people can fly back home to safety.