Orlando fixes pipe burst as some deal with sewer overflow due to flooding from Ian

Jason Castle lives on Anderson and Mills in Orlando. He took cell video of the streets in his neighborhood left clogged after flooding from Ian. He thought sewer water was flowing out.

"This has a foul odor, it also has toilet paper, wet wipes, and it's stuck on the street," he said. "Stormwater is one thing but sewage water and toilet paper in a park, that’s disgusting."

He also said he didn't know where to go for help.

"Being placed on hold and given multiple phone numbers to no results," said Castle.

He contacted FOX 35 News, and we got in contact with Orlando Public Works Director Corey Knight.


"We have people out there to resolve it as soon as possible. You’ll see vacuum trucks, they are basically big tank trucks, come in and vacuum out the problem," said Knight.

Just about an hour after we contacted the city, we saw the vacuum trucks arrive to pump out overflowing water. Knight said they have had their hands full after the unprecedented rain from Ian. It caused a pipe burst at Lake Rowena.

"We got that fixed and were back operating with that force main up and repaired, but we are still dealing with a lot of water in the system," said Knight.

The city is still asking residents to limit water use whenever possible and report hazardous conditions.