Orlando family found dead in home in murder-suicide: police

A family of five was found dead at an Orlando home in an apparent murder-suicide Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

Officers responded to the home on Lake District Lane for a wellbeing check at 1 p.m., and found three adults and two children dead, the Orlando Police Department said in a statement. 

The police went door to door, "They had just asked if we knew anything about the family across the street and if we had seen them because they were doing a wellness check."

Heather Collins lives across the way with her fiancé.

"We said that we had seen them a couple of days ago but not today and that they had just moved in a couple of months ago."

Justin Rossilini says, "I just saw him, said hi, hello, 5-6 days ago, while I was getting the mail. I seen the father, I seen the mother. "They say there was an older son and young daughters.

"They’re like 6-7 years old. Little girls, like elementary school kids." He knew something was wrong when he saw a crime scene investigator looking upset. "The gentleman that came out threw up and sat in the back of the truck and had a cigarette and I said you do a job that most people never do, and I applaud what you do. "

"Just to let the neighbors know they are not in danger. It’s something that happened to the family." Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero is also a mental health counselor, who lives in this neighborhood. She has some advice, "If you need help call for aid. Call my office, there are a lot of services." Heather says, "It’s scary if you ask me that something that horrific can be happening right close to you and there’s nobody there to help."

No other details were made immediately available. An investigation is ongoing. 

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