Orlando dog found in trash can looking for home for the holidays

A dog that was found inside a trash can by an Orange County deputy is hoping to have a new loving forever home this holiday season. 

Last week, a deputy responded to a call about a dog that was stuck inside a garbage can. When the deputy arrived in the area, he found the shy and gentle dog cramped inside the can, according to Orange County Animal Services. 

The sweet pup was trembling when the officer finally lifted her out of the garbage can, he said. Orange County Animal Services said they believe she was in the trash can for at least two days.

"We know things like this are upsetting, but we don't want her story to get lost in outrage," said Orange County Animal Services. "We are doing what we have to do for her, as well as trying to find out how and why she was found the way she was. She is safe and cared for, but she is going to need a lot more help. She may need foster care, and she will definitely need a lot of love, as well as a good home."

Orange Co. Animal Services

Orange Co. Animal Services

Animal Services said the dog, which they have named Panda, was thin and had scars on her face, but has shown no aggression while in their care. 

"She seeks out affection, and leans into every touch. We know once she recovers fully, she is going to be an absolutely amazing family pet." 

They believe Panda is about four-years-old and weighs 34-pounds. She showed our FOX 35 News crew that she’s she likes to walk on a leash and she’s not a barker. 

While she’s shy, it’s clear she likes attention.  

"Very young, very calm.  Judging by her size and her demeanor, she’d be a good apartment dog," Bryant Almeida of Orange County Animal Services, said. 

The pup would be very thankful for a loving forever family and home before the holidays.  

"We know she’s had a hard life, just judging from her scars. Just hoping to find somebody to re-write that for her," Almeida said. 

To learn more about Panda and welcome her into your home, visit the Orange County Animal Services website.