Orlando doctors helping Harvey victims through app

At Nemours, doctors are helping victims of Hurricane Harvey, without even leaving their offices.  

Doctors in Orlando are able to help young patients in Houston with the Nemours CareConnect app. Medical Director of Telehealth video Dr. Shayan Vyas explains how it works.

"I sit at my computer and families in Houston and other states that we're in, they can download our app, NemoursCareConnect."

He says most of the visits with long distant patients and parents occur via Smartphone.

"Currently we're seeing a lot of kids that need refills, they have medication questions, they have some small cuts an alittle bit of trauma. They want some advice for that.We can also find out which pharmacies are open for these families and help prescribe medications for them."

He expects many children in Houston will be dealing with traumatic stress and emotional issues, because they have been separated from their homes.That's why pediatricians are temporarily expanding this service to Texas.

"Right now in Houston, anyone that's suffering from this can see us for free, the coupon code is Harvey and we're gonna wave all fees for children affected by this."

Since the app was created two years ago, doctors have seen less visits to the emergency room. They hope it makes a difference to the people of Houston.

"When the hurricane hit in Houston all of hearts went out to them, we really wanted to do something and with technology right now were able to help those that need us wherever they are."

Residents in Florida are also able to use the app for a fee of about $50.