Orlando crosswalk uses infrared heat technology to detect pedestrians

A crosswalk in Orlando got a high-tech upgrade that uses infrared heat technology to detect when a pedestrian is approaching.

A new crosswalk in Orlando uses infrared heat technology to detect when a pedestrian or bicyclist is approaching the crosswalk and automatically turns on the flashing lights to warn drivers to stop.  

The crosswalk is near the Central Florida Leadership Academy and many students use it to cross the busy Primrose Drive throughout the week.

"It creates a safe environment for our students from the time they get off our bus until they get in the building," said Assistant Principal Mike Serra. "In the past, as you can it’s a little hectic."

This crosswalk is part of the City of Orlando's Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2040. So far in 2021, there have been 404 pedestrian crashes, 45 people have died and 345 were injured.

"In a perfect world when people walk up to the crosswalk they would push the button, drivers would yield and they would cross the street, but that doesn’t always happen," said Barbara Giles with Bike/Walk Central Florida.

Giles says this technology is another step to make Orlando streets safer.

"This technology alerts drivers just gives them one more warning," said Giles. 

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