Orlando best place in Florida for zombie apocalypse

If the world ever faces a zombie apocalypse, Orlando would be the best spot in Florida to hunker down.

Just in time for Halloween, CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. have released a Zombie Apocalypse Index to show how well the biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. could hold up against the living dead.

The index takes into account the following factors: ability to defend against the virus, contain the virus, find a cure, and store enough food to survive the epidemic.

Based on those factors, the City Beautiful is the 27th best-ranked metro in the U.S., with nearby Tampa as the second-worst, just a hair above the New York City area. Boston ranked highest in the nation, making it the safest place to be should zombies start roaming the Earth.

You can see all of the rankings in detail on the Zombie Apocalypse Index interactive map below.